Monday, March 7, 2011

The Weekend

So this weekend I had grand plans of getting some of my sewing projects done.  With ideas of all the posts I would have lined up to show anyone out there who may look at this little blog of mine.  How much sewing did I get done? None.  Not one thing did I get done, instead I spent the weekend running errands, grocery shopping, and waiting around for other people to do the things they needed to get done, inbetween changing diapers, naps, and bottles. 

I have to get some done this week, no excuses!  There is a baby shower in Ohio on the 20th and I have to send my gifts.  What am I planning on making you ask, of course my go to gift cloth shoes, with a matching ruffle butt onesie (I think they are so adorable), binky clips, changing pad with matching wipes case, and a binky bag, and I am still debating on whether or not to make a diaper bag.  I guess that will depend on when I get the other items finished.  None of them will take very long if I could just kick my butt into gear and get them started. 

I did get a couple things done, not sewing of course but still its something.  I purchased supplies to start practicing my cake decorating skills, with the hopes that I will be a natural, haha.  Joann's has a coupon commotion week until the 12th so I bought what I needed and used coupons for everything.  I also went to Target and bought Bambi for Grant's Easter basket.  I had a $10 off coupon so I used that as my excuse for not being able to leave the store without it.

At least I can feel like the weekend wasn't a complete lack of accomplishment.  My hope is that I will have something great to post in the next couple of days.  We will see!

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