Friday, March 18, 2011

New Play Toy

Grant was doing so well at putting himself to sleep.  We used to let the swing put him to sleep but seeing as he is now 20lbs and the weight limit is approximately 25lbs on our swing, I decided a little over a month ago it was time for him to start napping in his bed like a big boy. 

We had a few rough days of crying and fussing but over all he did great in the transition.  Fast forward to the last week or so and we have a new distraction, feet.  Yes he has discovered he has two feet and loves nothing more than to play with them and suck on them.  While I find this extremely cute and have taken a dozen or more pictures of him playing with this new toy, this is not good for nap time.  You see Grant is a very stubborn 4 month old little boy who hates, yes hates, going to sleep.  He has fought it since he was two weeks old, and tends to wear me out more than himself most of the time.  He even fights eating a bottle at times because it puts him to sleep, so rather than just laying there relaxing and eating he will take a few drinks with his eyes rolling back and proceed to kick his feet, throw his arms and start screaming, only to take a few more drinks and repeat the same process all over again.

So now when he starts to get sleepy and I put him in his bed he dozes off for a moment or two then realizes he is going to sleep and begins playing with his two favorite things, his feet, a toy I can't take away or make him forget about.  Hence my dilemma.  As I type this my little one is talking to his mobile with his feet in his hand having a grand ol' time when only a few minutes ago he was practically asleep in my arms sucking his thumb.  Haha, what's a mom to do?

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