Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Mom Moment

There is something so satisfying the moment you feel like you "know" your baby.  When after months of sleepless nights, endless worrying, and countless moments of looking at your crying baby thinking to yourself "I have no clue what you need", you finally realize those moments are now fewer and farther between.  I feel like I have finally learned my son and we have finally settled into a routine of sorts.  I now know by they way he sucks his thumb and puts his hand on his face that he is tired.  I know his tired cry, from his irritated cry, from his hungry cry. 

My husband unfortunately doesn't get to spend as much time with him as I do so he hasn't learned the same routine.  He was off work yesterday and while I absolutely love having him around and I know Grant does too, it's sometimes makes me smile to watch him try to get him to sleep.  I've tried really hard to get Grant to put himself to sleep.  After 3 months and countless hours of rocking and bouncing him I finally realized it was time to let him learn a little self-soothing.  My husband doesn't like to listen to him cry, I don't either but because I'm home with him every day it doesn't phase me as much.  When he starts crying my husband undoubtedly will go into the room and start talking to him trying in some way to reason with him and if that doesn't work he will pick him up and start rocking or bouncing to get him to sleep.  Maybe it's a mom thing but knowing that he can put himself to sleep and knowing how hard I worked to get him to this point I will not get into the habit of picking him up every time he makes a peep. 

Maybe it's in my head but it seems that when I follow the routine of putting him in his bed, covering him up, turning on his mobile, kissing him goodnight, and leaving the room, he goes asleep alot easier than if my husband puts him to bed.  It's almost as if even at 4 months he knows I won't get him out of bed but with a few tears it might work on dad. 

I love these moments.  With all the joy I get daily from him it makes me want another little one, well almost. Haha.

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