Saturday, March 5, 2011

Potato Head

Have you seen this?

Are they not the cutest little toys ever.  Well I bought some felt the other day to make my own version.  Every time I see this picture I get the itch to dig it out and start creating my own potato.  I realize my son will not be able to play with it for over a year but I just can't help myself. 

So one more project added to my list.  Maybe I should finish a few of the ones I've already started haha.
I started cutting out the pieces yesterday and this is what I have so far.  None of it is sewed together yet or stuffed but hey it's a start. 

For some odd reason I can't seem to start and finish a project without stopping in the middle and starting on something else.  Oh well I will come back to the potato when I get the itch again.  Hopefully I'll get a little time to myself this weekend to finish a few projects.  Cross your fingers!

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