Monday, March 14, 2011

Night Shirt

Since my little Grant is growing so fast, I have found myself altering some of the clothing I buy to either fit him now or fit him longer.  I bought 2 sets of pajamas from the Family Dollar store for $3 each, both of them 12 months.  After I removed the tags and tried to put them on him I found the sleeves were too tight for his chubby little arms.  Instead of trying to return them without the tags I decided to just shorten the sleeves.  I'm sure everyone out there knows how to do this but just in case there is someone who was like me a few years ago, I'm going to show what I did.

I hate measuring so I decided how long I needed the sleeves to be, including seem allowance, and cut.  Then I took the piece that was cut and used it as a guide to cut the other sleeve the same length.
Then I turned the shirt right side out and turned the end of the sleeve under about 1/4 inch and stitched it with my sewing machine.  I hate pinning as much as I hate measuring so I didn't even pin my edges under before stitching them.  Here is what the sleeves look like finished.

And here is the new short sleeved night shirt.

That's it, easy peasy, hopefully now he will get some use out of them, at least a few weeks, haha.

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