Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full Week

I was up at 4:44am this morning, that is the time little Grant decided he wanted to wake up for all of 10 minutes, long enough for me to not be able to fall back asleep.  I was laying there thinking of all the stuff I needed to get done this week.  Why I do this to myself when I know I should be sleeping is beyond me but it happens quite frequently.

My mom is coming down to visit us this weekend, which of course means I need to clean up my craft/spare room.   Grant and I will be going back to Ohio with her so I have to make sure everything that is going with us is in order, clean, and packed.  I won't be home the week before Easter so any of my projects need to be finished this week.  My cousin asked me to help her with a bridal shower that is this Sunday so I need to make 24 cupcakes, cupcake stands, a recipe box with recipe cards and dividers, and four poms for decorations.  I will be taking baby Sophie's gift with me so I need to have everything for it finished and packaged ready to go.  All that on top of the usual feedings, diapers, laundry, dishes, dinner, and cleaning.

Seeing all that really makes me realize how much is still left to do, I better get started!

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