Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Role of Mommy

Nothing is more satisfying, or more stressful than being a mom.  I love every minute of it, but even after everyone tells you these things you don't fully know until you become one.  I had been around kids my entire life and while I didn't pretend I knew everything, I thought I was pretty well prepared for motherhood.  I was under no illusion it would be all smiles and cuteness.  I was well aware of the getting up every 2 hours to feed, the crying fits when you have no clue why they are crying, the diaper blow outs, the being tired, etc, etc.  However the things I don't think about was the every day things you do that suddenly become harder to accomplish, or require a "game plan" so to speak.  For example every time I need to go to the store (any that aren't around the corner from my house), I have to start planning the night before.  I'm going over the list of things that need to be in order before leaving the house, diaper bag packed, clothes laid out, plan what time I need to shower, what time we will need to leave in order to not interrupt nap times or eating times.  And of course there is the routine before you leave the house, eat bottle, change diaper, get dressed, bib on (spit up is inevitable if you're planning on going anywhere), purse and diaper bag next to door, keys in pocket (otherwise they will be locked in the house), quick scan around to make sure everything is unplugged, turned off, and closed, change diaper again because leaving the house means it's time to poop.  All this takes about 30 minutes, 2 arm loads of stuff, and one screaming child for reasons unknown.

No longer are there leisurely dinners out.  No, eating out requires another bag of goodies to distract Grant with in order to keep him from screaming and disrupting others while they try to enjoy a meal.  We walk into a restaurant with arm fulls of stuff including a diaper bag, high chair cover, blanket (he's still learning balance), and multiple toys.  Inevitably I pull out a jar of baby food and feed him while I shovel in a few bites and eventually give up eating my meal all together deciding it's just not worth it to try and do both at the same time.

Being sick yourself is a whole other ball game.  When you're not a mom you can crawl in bed and spend the day there, only getting up for the bathroom and another box of tissues.  When you're a mom there is a little one who doesn't want to lay in a bed, and they require feeding, changing, and attention regardless of how horrible you feel.  It's almost a garauntee there will be a huge diaper blow out that will make you vomit one extra time and it will be the one day they refuse to nap, meaning you get no rest.

Instead of staying up until 11 watching tv or talking to one another, my husband and I are usually in bed before the clock hits double digits.  When Grant goes to sleep, we go to sleep.  Weekend or not there is no difference.  Babies don't know the weekend is suppose to be for sleeping in.  No, moms and dads don't get to sleep in.  Regardless of how tired you are or what day it is, Grant is up at 5am, laughing and talking wanting your attention.

Being a mom you do learn a few things, you learn how to take a 5 minute shower, you learn how to do just about anything around the house with a baby on your hip, how to change a diaper with your little one on his belly (after he learns how to roll), how to do 10 things at one time, how to do your makeup in 30 seconds flat (if you decide to put any on at all).  You learn to stay in sweats unless company is coming or you're leaving the house because projectile spit up is bound to be all over whatever you wear on a daily basis.  You can now fold laundry, type on the computer, look through grocery ads, clip coupons, and eat all with a little one grabbing at everything you are touching.  And one of the biggest things I've learned is keeping the house spotless, the laundry always caught up, the sink empty of dirty dishes, and being on time anywhere, is a waste of my time.

When people say it is the best and worst job there is, it's true, but the best far out weights the worst.  I wouldn't change anything, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take some getting used to and some adapting.  My life is no longer my own,  I have a little one who relies on me now and seeing his little smile makes all the sleepless nights, all the exhaustion, and all the tears completley worth every minute.

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  1. I so agree! I have a ten month old and agree with you!! :) It can be challenging some days, but yet so fun!



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