Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

I can not believe Christmas is over.  December 26th is always a sad day thinking the season is over for another 365 days. 

Anyway,  I always love looking at the tree Christmas morning with all the gifts placed underneath.  My brother and I used to wake up before dawn and sit staring at the tree and all the gifts before everyone else woke up and before the first gift had been opened.  There was something magical about that time.  Now as I'm older and Santa no longer visits me but visits my son, there is a new magic to Christmas morning.

I knew Grant wouldn't be running out of his room before daylight to see what Santa had brought him, or even be overly excited about the gifts under the tree when he finally did decide to toddle out to the living room.  I even figured he wouldn't touch a single gift under the tree since we had been telling him for the last month not to touch the gifts.  It's for this reason we decided to only wrap a few gifts.

The bean bags, hat, and pj pants I wrapped with ribbon so they were a little more festive.

After the fact I'm glad we decided not to wrap most of his gifts because he went straight for the tree after he realized there were new toys under it.
I had questioned the toys I made Grant, wondering if he would actually play with any of them, since they are so simple and make no music or noise.  I can say this much, the bean bags and cloth blocks have been all over our house.  He has thrown them, kicked them, played catch and hide and seek with them, and I am so glad I made them for him.  Sometimes it's the simplest toys they enjoy the most.

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