Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soft Blocks-A Christmas Gift

We are trying to keep things simple for Little Man this Christmas since lets face it, he is only 1 and is more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper than what's inside them.

I have wanted to make him some cloth blocks for awhile now but like everything else on my to-do list, I have procrastinated.

I bought this book last year:

For those of you who haven't heard of Craft Hope you should check it out.  The link is on my side bar.

Inside it are loads of craft ideas and patterns.  All of them with charity organizations you can send your creations to.  One of those "creations" are the cloth blocks.  Once again I merely looked at the picture and read the first couple sentences of how to make them, then just started cutting and sewing.

Here is the end result:

6 cute little cloth blocks.  Originally I was going to make them all with the same fabrics, then I thought, naah, why do that when I can switch it up a bit? 
I am super excited with how they turned out, simple, cute, and they won't hurt when Grant chucks them at me from across the room, haha.

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