Monday, December 5, 2011

Men's Shirt Repurposed Into Boy's Shirt

I have been looking at tutorials all over the web about repurposing and refashioning clothing for adults and kids.  I have to admit, it is much more fun for me to make things for my little one than for myself.  I guess it's the mom in me.


I nagged my husband to death before we moved to go through his clothing and give me anything he no longer wore.  So when we moved I toted a whole trash bag, busting at the seams mind you, with us.  That trash bag has, until recently, set up home in the back of my closet.  I pulled it out the other day with a desperate need to find some long sleeved shirts for Grant, without spending any money.

Have I said before that I love making something out of nothing,  and not spending a dime!  Let me say it again, I love it!!

After I got pregnant with Grant my husband gained some sympathy weight and grew out of quite a few of his Aeropostale t-shirts.  Everyone of them were still in great condition so I found this tutorial over at MADE, read through it once then tossed (not really tossed but you get the idea) my laptop aside and decided to just wing it.  After all, how hard could it be?

I did great up until the neck ribbing step came.  First I just cut and sewed, then realized I hadn't done it correctly, ripped it all  out, sewed again, realized my fabric had bunched up, ripped it out, sewed again, realized it had bunch again, ripped it out and sewed again!  Do you see where this is going.  Needless to say I ripped out the neck ribbing approximately 5 times before getting it "good enough", to satisfy me.

If the neck hadn't given me fits I would have finished this shirt in about 45 minutes! I love short projects as I get irritated and bored quickly.

So here is my little t-shirt made from my husband's Aeropostale shirt.  It is technically 1 size bigger than what my son actually wears right now. Upon searching through his clothes I found he was going to be in great need of 24 month shirts shortly and decided to start making them instead of the 18 month size he currently wears.

I still have a pile of shirts to cut into and repurpose and I'm so excited to do a tutorial, but I need to get this shirt thing just right before I try to explain to all of you how to do it.  You know and not mess the whole thing up, haha.

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