Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Emergency Vehicle Kits

Every time I leave the house I end up lugging this big diaper bag full of anything and everything I could possibly need.  I always end up packing way more than I need and usually only use a couple things out of it.  Well this really started annoying me since Grant is about 25lbs now, I don't need anything extra to carry.  So I had a thought, why not put all the stuff I usually don't use but may need in a plastic container and keep one in each vehicle so I have it if I happen to need it but don't have to carry all of it in and out of the house.  Then I remembered I had seen this on Jon & Kate Plus 8 years ago (before the drama, the million dollar house, and the breakup, when the show was still about those cute little ones).

So here are my emergency kits ready to be put in the car. 

What's inside my kits you ask?

Everyone's emergency kit would be different depending on your child and their needs but in mine I have the following: 1 diaper, 1 spoon, 1 plastic bag (for messy clothes or dirty diapers), 1 outfit, 1 bottle of water, 1 small bottle, 1 small bottle of juice, 1 container of baby food, and a baggie with multiple paper towels (I figured wipes might dry out in the 100 degree weather here so in a pinch you can use paper towels and water).

I'm so excited to have this done since it has been on my mind for months now.  No more packing around a huge diaper bag full of the "what if's?", and if you happen to travel in someone elses car just grab your kit and throw it in the back seat.

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