Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I did my invitations on my computer with Microsoft Publisher.  I love, love, love this program and have contemplated buying it many times for my new computer because I miss it that much.  You can do anything with this program from making postcards, cards, banners, signs, etc.  I found a picture on the website and decided to try my hand at making a similar one.  This is what I ended up with:

For whatever reason I could not find a completely finished invite in my stash of wedding stuff so the one above just needed the black cardstock glued down, and yes that is Grant's hand on the left ready to grab my invite and run.

The invite had 3 layers, the first was the top that you see above with one of our monograms and a quote I found online.  The second layer was the actual invitation and the third had the response card attatched. 

Here is our response card, it is in postcard form.  The opposite side had my address and a stamp.
Unfortunately I can't tell you my exact measurements because for me it was trial and error.  I used white cardstock. You can buy a large package right next to regular computer printer paper at walmart for about $5.  I downloaded the font from (it's super easy to download fonts so give it a try) and created my our monogram in Publisher using one of these fonts.  When I had each of the pages printed I cut them with a scrapbook paper cutter so the edges would be even and straight and stapled them together at the top.  Next I cut a strip of black cardstock (you can also get this at walmart in the same section as the white) and used E-6000 glue to attach it to the top and then glued a small red bow on top of that.  The bows were made from $0.97 ribbon from walmart.

I printed the response cards in Publisher as well using the same font and making it into a postcard so there would be no need for envelopes (one less thing to purchase).  I attached them to the back layer of the invite with clear photo corners.  The only thing I would suggest is not to even bother with response cards.  I probably only got a handful back and spent quite a bit on stamps and it seemed pointless in the end when no one really used them.

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