Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving Again

Things have been crazy here as we are preparing to move once again.  I wish I could say we were finally buying a place of our own but unfortunately the time isn't right for that as of yet so we are eagerly trying to find rentals.  Who knew it would be so frustrating to find a place.  I keep telling myself and my husband there is a house out there just waiting for us to call about and it will be perfect.  I fully believe everything happens for a reason and there is a reason we shouldn't be here anymore.

With all the madness, I have had little time to craft in between regular daily duties, Grant, packing, and looking at rental houses, and I desperately need to craft something.  In the midst of stress, crafting calms me, so not having time to do anything creative only stresses me more.  I'm hoping to get the felt book and Jean doll finished for my cousin-in-laws little girl sometime this week but I'm making no promises. 

Posting will be light the next couple weeks while we try to get things in order, so I apologize ahead of time. 

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