Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Week

Did anyone see the Royal Wedding? 

I know what you are thinking, that was months ago, don't worry I am fully aware of that and had intended to post all of this way back when but life happens so you are getting it now.

I was one of those people up at 5 am watching, but in my defense my son woke me up, wouldn't go back to sleep and there is nothing else on at 5am.  I won't lie though,  I really wanted to see what her dress looked like, after all the hype it wasn't what I expected at first.  I was thinking in terms of what is popular here in the states and thought she would be wearing something similar.  Then I learned in the church where they had the ceremony you are not allowed to wear strapless and there are other stipulations, regardless she was beautiful.  Can you imagine getting married and becoming a princess? Isn't that what we all dreamed of when we were little watching Cinderella?

 I love weddings, royal or not.  I love seeing what other people do to create their perfect day.  My husband and I got married a year and a half ago and I planned for an entire year before.  Everything about our wedding was picked, made, and created by us (ok, my husband didn't make a darn thing but I did ask his opinion on everything) and my family.  When it was all said and done, our wedding cost us $2,000 and that includes dress, venue, food, cake, rehearsal dinner, accessories, photographer etc.  These days I think that's pretty good considering most spend upwards of $30,000.  I had no desire to be paying for our wedding after we were married and neither of my parents had that kind of money or could afford that kind of debt. 

I was very fortunate to have a very talented family that helped me in most aspects of the wedding, and I found a few really great diy websites that really helped me.  It probably would have been more fitting to have wedding posts months ago, leading up to the Royal wedding, but things happened and I'm just getting around to it.  I started thinking about our wedding while watching and thought maybe there was someone out there who is planning their wedding or helping someone else plan one and could use a few ideas.  I know when I was planning I was scouring the internet for pictures, ideas, and how-to's.  So, I'm going to do a few posts on different aspects of our Homemade wedding.
Here is the start with some pictures of our wedding.

Here is our card table.  My colors were red and black.  Mainly because I wanted my bridesmaids to pick their own dresses without my being there and everyone can find black.  They each picked a different dress that flattered them and each of them have reworn their dresses to other events (I got a big thank you from each of them) and they didn't spend over $70.  The baskets on the table I bought for $1.50/ea at A.C. Moore and spray painted black.  One held the programs, the other held cry packs.  This table also served as our guest book table. 

We were married in front of the fireplace.  To decorate it I bought a vine of red roses from hobby lobby at 50% off, 2 vases of fresh roses on either side and the photo frames ($2 each at walmart) contained pictures of important people in our lives that had passed away.

You can't see them too well in this photo but I did all my centerpieces.  Borrowed the table cloths and mirrors the centerpieces sat on from a friend.  They consisted of a glass bowl from walmart, partly filled with water, glass stones in bottom, and a rose peeking out of the water.  Rose petals (purchased from the dollar tree around Valentines day) were scattered around the table.

Here is the buffet table (minus the food).  Once again the flower pots were made by me.  I bought regular terra cotta pots and painted them black.  I bought the cheapest fake red roses I could find at walmart for I think $1 a bush and stuck them in foam inside the pot.  More red and white flower petals from the dollar tree scattered around the table.

As I said, I was very fortunate to have talented family members help us.  My cousin worked in a grocery store bakery for 4 years and offered to make our cake.  She did an amazing job.  I provided the cake topper and she did the rest.  Her mother (who also did our flowers) made the small flower arrangements that decorated the cake.

This was her first attempt at fondant and there were some imperfections but luckily I was not a bridezilla and by the time the day rolled around with everything else that had happened (including 2 groomsmen backing out last minute, flower girl with the flu, my mom having surgery for breast cancer just days before, and my husband and I left to decorate the entire hall by ourselves), I had no energy left to be concerned with the little things.

Stay tuned for more wedding goodness tomorrow!

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