Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding flowers

My aunt was kind enough to lend her creativity for the flowers.  She worked in the floral department in a local grocery store for 2 years and is extremely talented.  I was a very simple bride and didn't want anything elaborate.  I wanted simple bouquets of red roses for me and my bridesmaids without any greenery or anything else.  I did make the small bouquet for my flower girl last minute when the basket I had planned on making turned out an ugly mess.  All I did for hers was take 4 or 5 inexpensive roses from walmart and wrap the stems together with some floral tape purchased at the dollar tree.

Mine and the flower girl's flowers.

All of the flowers (other than the flower girl's) were purchased at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  The ones for my bouquet were a bit more expensive and you had to purchase them individually.  The bridesmaid flowers were purchased in a bush but still beautiful.  My aunt likes a lot of frills like lace and babies breath, and was not at all satisfied with the simplicity I wanted, haha. 

With the bridesmaid flowers my aunt took about 6 roses and wrapped the stems with green floral ribbon.  She them sprayed them with some glitter spray to make the sparkle.

If you don't have anyone helping you, keep it simple.  The more simple you make them the easier it will be on you.  I had thought of doing these myself until my aunt offered as our wedding gift so keep everything as simple as possible and you won't have an issue making them yourself.

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