Monday, January 3, 2011

Breast Cancer Molly Monkey!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and is now about one month from finishing all her treatments and hopefully will never have to worry about it again.  She had been trying to think of something to give the nurses on her last day of treatment, when she saw me making Grant's Mikey Monkey she asked me to make a breast cancer molly monkey, and of course I did.
I didn't follow all the directions completely (a bad habit of mine since it usually gets me in trouble).  Since I had already made the Mikey Monkey I did a few of the steps out of order and didn't follow the directions at all with the skirt.  I used the measurements from the pattern for the skirt but only used elastic since I didn't have any biased tape and was ready to see her all finished.  My mom was very excited with the end result and said she can't wait to give it to her nurses.  Another project to mark of my list!
Molly and Mikey together
if you want to make your own go to mmmcrafts to get the free molly monkey pattern


  1. Pink! Aw! What a sweet gift for the nurse. May God bless your mom with renewed health in the new year.

  2. Bless to your Mom! Our Mom had just finished her therapy before Christmas and we feel as thankful as you do now. We made a lovely bag with a fairy to a lovely nurse she met after her operation.



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