Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Bit of Whimsy Doll Pattern

I'm so excited, I just purchased a doll pattern from Bit of Whimsy.  I have been eyeing these patterns for months searching for an excuse to buy one, but at the same time feeling a bit intimidated by them.  In case anyone hasn't noticed I feel a bit intimidated by any sewing pattern that has more than 3 steps to it.  In keeping with my New Year's resolution to 1. stop procrastinating (this one has become a yearly tradition so it must be included), and 2. take more creative/crafty risks.  Which means if something intimidates me that means i'm going to suck it up and try it, no excuses.  Which brings me back to the Bit of Whimsy pattern, I bought the Beth doll pattern.  They are all super cute and I have every intention of buying one of the boy doll patterns  for my little man, probably for a Christmas gift this year.

My intention is to use this pattern to make a doll for a friend of mine's daughter.  Her first birthday is this month and I want to do something special and of course homemade.  So hopefully I will keep with my resolution #1, not procrastinate and have a finished Bit of Whimsy doll to show you soon!

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