Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Stability

I did it! I put in my notice at work, the place I have been the last two and a half years, the place I have met two of my best friends since I moved from ohio to tennessee.  It was a little scary since I am a creature who needs stability when it comes to every aspect of my life but mostly financial stability.  Due to things I went through growing up I desperately feel the need to always have money in savings, know where my next paycheck is coming from, and know exactly how much that paycheck is.  That all being said, this is the first time in my life I chucked all that out the window in order to stay home with my 2 1/2 month old son.

I no longer have financial stability.  I no longer know where or when my next check is coming from, and the money that was in our savings account is now slowly diminishing.  While my husband does work and would normally make enough to cover our bills, (not spending money, just bills) his job is not stable.  It relies on the weather being good, which if anyone else out there reading this lives in tennessee knows the weather has been snowy, wet, and cold.  All three of those things means my husband gets to stay home with us.  While I love having him home to help with the little one, it sure does stink when friday rolls around and there is no check to put in the bank.

I am relying on the lord to help us through this time of instability.  My husband is one who always tells me not to worry and everything will work itself out and I am always telling him nothing works itself out, I work it out and he just says it works itself out.  This is the first time I am truly hoping it works itself out.  I am trying to work from home doing in-home childcare (my ad came out today, cross your fingers), I have plenty of experience with this but with childcare you never know when you will get people or how many so it's all up in the air for the moment.  My husband is looking for part time work on the weekends and if that doesn't pan out I can always look for something on the weekends in my field of nursing.  All of this is completely worth being able to be home with my son and see him grow and learn.  I am a firm believer that nothing comes without some sacrifice, and I'm ok doing that so I can have the piece of mind knowing my precious little one is home safe and sound.

So cross your fingers for me and send up a little prayer for my family.

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