Monday, January 31, 2011

Curious George Birthday Plans

As I have said before I am a huge planner.  I plan everything way in advance, not really sure why but I'm especially bad when it comes to birthdays and holidays.  I started thinking about my sons first birthday theme when I was still pregnant with him, crazy I know.  I'm sure I drive my husband crazy, actually I know I do, haha.  After thinking alot about it I decided, against my husbands wishes, to go with Curious George.  It is one of the first books I bought for him before he was born and I think he's so cute.  My husband would rather me do a football theme which i'm not at all against down the road, but there are very few birthdays your child has that they don't have input on the theme.  I know when Grant gets older he will have his own ideas on what kind of birthday he wants so I wanted to take full advantage of him not knowing any better, and I'm sure some day I will end up having a football themed birthday.

Here are some websites I have gotten ideas from:

* go to there kid party ideas tab and they have ideas for every theme you can think of
*Kara's Party Ideas
*Grey Grey Designs- no curious george party on this site but an adorable Hungry Caterpillar birthday for a little boy named Grant.  Seeing this one almost made me want to change my theme, haha.
*P is for Party

I'm so excited to start making decorations and if I don't get started way in advance I know there is no way I'll get them all done.  Here are my plans so far...

1.  2 banners, 1 with a picture from each month of his first year, the other being a flag banner that says happy birthday Grant (made with my favorite toy, my cricut).

2.  Homemade cake with Curious George's face along with cupcakes with blue and red icing.

3.  Goodie bags made from curious george fabric.

4.  Appliqued birthday shirt

5.  Monkey themed party food- monkey munch being one of them

6.  Parent thank you gifts- mini loaves of banana bread

7.  Kid thank you gifts but not sure what they are yet.

8.  Main colors of blue, red, and yellow

9.  Homemade table cloth of curious george fabric for main table

10.  3 Balloon bunches of red, blue, and yellow in each corner of the dinning room

I'm so excited, makes me want to go out and look for little goodies for the party but I will try to restrain myself for the time being.
If anyone out there has done a Curious George Party send me the link, I'd love to see them.

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  1. We did Curious George for our little guys' 2nd birthday... it was adorable! I got cupcake toppers and all kinds of good stuff from Etsy, TJ Maxx had a bunch of Curious George outdoor toys... it was great! Here is a link to the photos... super cute!



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