Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doll Pattern

 I have been inspired by the talented ladies at Bit Of Whimsy and MmmCrafts and their super cute toy patterns.  I have been wanting to make my own doll from scratch (not using someone else.s pattern) since I made my first black apple doll almost a year ago.  I always thought making dolls or stuffed toys would be really difficult and never tried any patterns until that first black apple doll.  After making it, I realized it was easier than I thought.  Recently I made a Mikey and Molly Monkey doll, putting the parts together were basically the same as the black apple dolls, which gave me more confidence in my doll/toy making ability. 

That confidence prompted me to buy the Bit of Whimsy doll pattern I had been eyeing for months.  After reading the instructions for the Beth doll I realized how basic doll/toy making can be.  I have a tendency to make things more difficult in my mind which usually helps me in procrastinating because I then get discouraged before even starting. 

So here is what I am promising myself and putting at the top of my to-do list, I want to finally make my own doll pattern.  If anyone is out there actually reading this little blog of mine maybe you can hold me to this promise because I know at some point I will hit a creative road block (like writer's block but for us self proclaimed crafty folks) and want to set this project aside. 

It may take me a little while to figure out the correct sizing and the small details but I figure if I take my time and just let my creativity take over I can do it.  I'm just hoping this confident attitude will stick until I actually get things started.  Being the mom of a 2 month old doesn't give me extended periods of "me" time to craft and create like I had before he came along (and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world) so I have to take the 10 minutes here and one hour there to get things finished.  My goal is to have a doll by May.  Why I chose May I'm not really sure, I guess I figure it is before my sister's graduation and birthday, mother's day, father's day, mom and dad's birthdays, my birthday and then all the holidays that begin in the fall.  I know once all those events start I will be extremely limited in time (even more so than I already am). 

I now have 4 months and counting......wish me luck!

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