Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving On

This weekend I crossed one thing off my to-do list- cleaning out my closet.  I've had trash bags and tubs full of my pre-pregnancy clothes just waiting for the day I would fit back into them.  Niave me thought I would fit back into them after the 6 week mark, oh how wrong I was.  While some of my clothes technically do fit, I no longer like the form fitting ones I used to.  As any mother knows, pregnancy changes your body in more ways than anyone could ever imagine and I wouldn't change a thing because I have my sweet little boy, but those clothes starred at me daily and I was tired of it.  I bagged them up into 2 large trash bags, threw them in the back of the suburban, and gladly gave them to my cousin.  Looking in my closet now, I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I no longer feel an overwhelming need to fit back into those clothes or have the body I did a year ago.  I wouldn't give back one stretch mark my little guy gave me because he was worth every one of them.  Now it's time to move on and be happy with how I am now.

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