Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Pjs For Grant

I did get Grant's Christmas pjs done and just now got a picture of them, that's kind of sad I know.  They were so cute on him and so simple to make.  I printed a letter G off my computer and enlarged it to the size I would need for his little t-shirt.  I then cut the G out of the same fabric I used for the pants, used some heat and bond then ironed it to the shirt.  I then appliqued around the G to finish it off.  The shoes were made from this pattern by stardust shoes, and the pants were made from a tutorial by Handmade Mommy both were very easy to make.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures of Grant actually wearing these pjs but luckily my mom did, so sooner or later I'll have to have her email them to me.

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