Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breakfast Burritos

The Relay for Life was this past weekend and since we stay all night and have multiple team members coming and going, we need plenty of snacks and food to keep our energy up for the 18 hour walk.  I decided to take breakfast on and chose breakfast burritos.  I love them and the freeze fantastic so I knew if I had leftovers it wouldn't be a problem to take back leftovers.  The only issue I had was trying to find a way to keep them warm without an oven, microwave, or anything else really.  So what was my solution....Crockpot, and it worked great.  We put the Crockpot on high just until they were warmed through then lowered it to the KEEP WARM setting and they stayed nice and warm for everyone throughout the morning.
Here's how I make mine:
Eggs $1.29
Shredded cheese $3.29 for a 4cup bag
Tator Tots (did you know you can buy these at the Dollar Tree!) $1.00
Tortilla Shells $1.00
Meat of choice: ham, sausage, bacon
My mom had a hog butchered last year so she supplied me with the meat.  It wasn't seasoned so I used Bobby Flays recipe as a base.  I didn't have the fresh herbs or onion powder so I improvised.  I used 1 1/2t dried sage, 1 tsp dried thyme, and 1T minced dried onion.
The ingredients in the burritos can vary depending on what kind of flavors you want.  I've added green and red peppers along with onion in some and that's delicious too.  Cook your meat and drain it if necessary, set aside.  Scramble your eggs, set aside.  If using tator tots bake them in the oven as directions say.
Now set up an assembly line of your ingredients and assemble your burritos.
Roll em up and wrap them in foil.  Put them in the crockpot on the keep warm setting and you have one great on the go meal.
I used about 6 or 7 eggs (I lost count) and cooked a full pound of sausage but only used about half.  This amount made about 14 burritos.
To freeze these, after rolling them up wrap them in plastic wrap then foil.  Place them in a freezer bag.  When you're ready to eat one, remove the foil and microwave them for about 2 minutes, and enjoy your on the go breakfast.

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