Thursday, June 20, 2013

Relay for Life Shirts (Freezer Paper Stenciling)

There hasn't been much sewing recently.  So what have I been doing you ask?

Freezer paper stenciling.

These are all the shirts I made for the Relay For Life event coming up.  Our team didn't have shirts last year and my mom and I decided this year they were a must.  We looked at having them professionally printed but not everyone on our team would be able to afford a $15 shirt on top of the registration fee and extra money needed at the relay itself.  So what was our grand idea, or rather MY grand idea? Freezer paper stenciling them......ALL OF THEM.

Word to the wise, do not volunteer yourself to freezer paper stencil 20+ shirts for any event. 

While the results were great, being the procrastinator I am, I ended up having to finish over a dozen of them the last week before the event and make a team banner to boot.  Not a smart idea.

I'm glad they are all finished and I know everyone will appreciate them, but man am I tired.

I think me and my Xacto knife need some time apart for awhile.

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