Monday, June 10, 2013

Grocery Shopping Week 1 of the Challenge

It took me a little extra time this week to work every thing in I needed to get this week and still stay on budget. 
Here was the haul I brought home on my first trip (yes, there were 2 seperate trips needed due to a cranky 2 year old boy and a cranky 27 year old mom).
Meijer:  Spent $11.77
Had the best price on meat this week. Pork Loin 1.79/lb mine cost $7.98
Pure silk shave gel $1.59 coupon $0.70 doubled to $1.40= $0.19each (I bought 4)
3 Musketeer bar $0.50 coupon $50/2 doubled to $1.00=2 bars for free
1/2 gallons Meijer brand orange juice $1.50 each coupon 1.50/2= $0.75each (I bought 2)
Propel Zero water (not pictured) $1.09, I had a store coupon for 1 Free
Pampers Wipes 72count $1.99 coupon $0.50/1 double to $1.00=$0.99
Total $11.77 with tax and after coupons
Giant Eagle: Spent $9.87
I did 2 transactions for this store to take advantage of a Catalina that printed off at the register.
Milk $2.00/gal (I bought 3)
Grapes $0.99/lb mine were $1.60
International Delight Coffee Creamer $1.67 coupon $0.55/1 doubled to $1.10/1 =$0.57(bought 1)
Colgate toothpaste $1.00 coupon for $1.00/1=free
New York Garlic Bread loaf $1.50 coupon $0.75/1 doubled to $1.50=free
Activia yogurt $2 coupon $1.00/1=$1.00 (I bought 1)
Dole Pineapple 8oz cans $0.89each coupon $0.75/2 doubled to $1.50 I used 2 coupons making the 4 I bought =$0.56 *buying these 4 canned pineapple printed a Catalina coupon with my receipt for $0.50 to use toward my next purchase
Transaction #2
International Delight coffee Creamer $1.67 coupon $0.55/1 double to $1.10 = $0.57
I used my Catalina from the 1st transaction of $0.50
Total for this transaction $0.07
Total $9.80 with tax and after coupons
Walmart: Spent $0.09
Almay makeup remover pads 15count $1.14 coupon $4.00/1 (I bought 2)
**my walmart allows me to use overage from my coupons to apply it to the other items I buy.  Most stores do not allow this.
flour $1.82
Sugar 4lbs (not pictured above) $2.26
Sauerkraut $1.58
$8.09 after tax and before coupons
I paid $0.09
Trip #2
Kroger: Total Spent $5.88
Kroger had a Catalina printing this week for participating General Mills products, when you bought 5 items you got a $5 Catalina for your next order.
Transaction #1
Tuna Helper $1.50 coupon $0.80/4 doubled to $1.60=$1.10 each (Ibought 4)
Chex mix $2.00 coupon $0.50/1 doubled to $1.00=$1.00
Crest toothpaste $1.00 coupon $0.50 doubled to $1.00= Free

 Total $5.40 & got a $5.00 Catalina off my next order
Transaction #2
Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix $1.50 coupon $0.75/2 doubled to $1.50=$0.25each
Suddenly Salad $1.99 coupon $0.50/2 doubled to $1.00=$2.98
Green Giant Veggie chips $2.00 coupon $0.50/1 doubled to $1.00=$1.00
Total $5.48 used the $5.00 Catalina from transaction #1, paid $0.48 and received another $5 Catalina for my next purchase
Trip #3
I used the $5 catalina from the 2nd transaction and bought the following:
eggs $1.79
potatoes $1.98
Beef Boullion cubes $1.79
Tortilla chips $1.00
Bread $0.80
I used the discount my sister gets for being a Kroger employer which takes 10% off any Kroger products you buy.  My total came to $6.63
I used my $5 catalina and paid $1.63

 This week was not a usual week for me as far as making multiple trips and doing multiple transactions at each store.  Normally I go to, at most 2 different stores, and try not to do more than 1 transaction.  This week was exhausting and I definately had to work for my savings, but I'm glad I stayed on budget.  Next week will be easier and less work hopefully.
Total spent for the week: $29.24

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