Friday, June 21, 2013

Tie Applique Bibs & A Hospital Survival Kit

Let me start off by saying I'm so LOVING these bibs.  I have actually contemplated keeping them (which would be ridiculous since Grant doesn't use them anymore and we have no baby around), they are just that adorable.

I saw a picture on the web (of course I saved the pic in my favorites file but no web address of where I found it) and knew if someone had a boy I would need to make them.  Go figure not a few weeks later I found out my cousin was having a baby boy, JACKPOT!

I used brown corduroy and navy blue linen fabric and they turned out fantastic.  I used old shirt scraps for the tie applique and it added just the right touch.  If I ever have another baby boy I'm making a dozen of these.

I also put together a hospital survival kit.  I know as a first time Mom I wasn't really sure of what to take and everyone told me something different.  I, of course, packed a small suitcase for myself and a large bag for my new little guy, only to find out I didn't need 80% of the stuff I packed.  So I ended up just making more work for myself when it was time to leave and repack all my crap and haul it to the car.

Here is what I included with a tag explaining why the item is necessary:

Flip Flops- hospital showers are not clean.  I don't care how many times the cleaning people have been in to scour them out.  I would not be bare foot in one, and that's coming from someone who has worked in a hospital.
Travel shampoo/conditioner-self explanatory & no need to pack them up and take them home, just pitch them before leaving.
Body wash & mini loafa-every new mom should have more than a cheap bar of soap and a thin wash cloth when taking a shower.  We have been through enough, we deserve better.
Almay makeup remover- I use these as makeup removers but also as a facewash when on the go.  After labor and delivery a quick freshening up before visitors arrive makes us new mom's feel a thousand times better.
Vaseline- if your little guy is going to be circumsized this is a must.  When I had my son they told me to put vaseline on the area to prevent the diaper from sticking and to keep urine out of the area.  The only problem with this is they only give you these teeny tiny packets of vaseline which I, of course, used 1 whole one every time I changed his diaper, and it seemed to take forever to get more when I ran out.  It's something you don't want to have to wait for when changing a diaper.
Lotion: between the hand washing and Purell your hands will be dry as all get out and lotion is a must.
Stretchy headbands-I don't know one single new mom who wants to worry about her hair while in the hospital.  These come in handy.
Lip Balm- labor and delivery makes your lips dry
Small Notebook- The thing I wish I had done more than anything else was write down my birth story.  The funny things said and done leading up to my son's birth.  What time I went into labor, what I was thinking and feeling.  Who came to visit and their reactions.  What it was like being new parents those first few days.  You think you will remember all those little details but you forget sooner than you think.  This is one item I will have in my next hospital bag.
**Not included in this kit but another must if you are going to be a breastfeeding mom (definately one I will include the next time I need a hospital kit) is nipple cream.  I had a very difficult time getting Grant to latch on correctly and therefore became sore very quickly.  The nurses gave me cream in these tiny packets (just like the vaseline), but once again I ran out quickly considering they wanted me to attempt nursing my new little one every 30 minutes to an hour, and getting more seemed to take more time than it was worth.  I ended up doing without many times because I got tired of waiting.  Nurses are very busy and I respect that which is why I will just bring my own the next time to make it easier on myself.
My intent was to put all these items in a cute little drawstring bag but of course I procrastinated and before I knew it, it was mid June (and she's due June 24th!) and I realized she could go into labor at any time and here half my gift is hospital stuff, which she can't use if she's already given birth and returned home before she received my gift.  So I put all the items in a box and mailed it out as is.  Hopefully she won't mind.

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