Monday, June 3, 2013

Day at the Zoo

I was so excited to take Grant to the zoo this year.  I decided to get a zoo pass with some of our income tax refund and I think it's definately going to pay for itself.  Grant had a blast and even though the beginning of the day was rainy and cold, it turned out to be a perfect day.

I didn't prepare for it to be as cold as it was, so luckily we had a winter hat and blanket in the van.  I don't think Grant cared what the weather was like.  He was just excited to see everything.
It's amazing how much kids grow and change in such a short amount of time.  We were at the zoo in October of last year and he wasn't naming hardly any of the animals and now he wanted to know what every animals name was and was giddy at the sight of them.
With the way the day started I was afraid no one would actually get to see the zoo shirt I made for him.  Fortunately after about an hour the sun started shining and the temperature started rising.
We always take our own snacks,drinks, and lunch since I have no desire to pay $8 a piece for a meal and God knows how much for a drink and a little snack.  I made blueberry, apricot, and almond granola bars (recipe here), and packed Grant some trail mix of dried apricots, dried blueberries, peanut butter cheerios, pretzels, and quaker oatmeal square cereal.  He was all about it and surprisingly loved the dried apricots.  Who knew?  I can't normally get him to drink much water but with his new water bottle he didn't want anything else.
I think his favorite part was the aquarium.  He loved how close the fish were to him.
Growing up we never took big vacations to Disney World or the beach but every year we made it to the zoo and we loved it!  I know Grant will be just as excited as I used to be and I can't wait to take him again.

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