Monday, June 24, 2013

Week #3 of the $30 Grocery Challenge

This week was a little more difficult to fit in grocery shopping since the Relay for Life is coming up and I have been up to my waist in a mile long to-do list.  I did however make 2 stops, the first was a store I don't normally frequent but they have awesome sales on meat sometimes.  This week it was a 2 day sale, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I took 2 weeks grocery money (the $10 a week I reserve for meat) and stocked up because the sale was too good to pass up.  With the way we budget I take our grocery money for the month out of 1 check at the beginning of the month.  Then I split it into $30 per week and try not to spend over that per week.  The only exception being when there is a fantastic meat sale.  So since I stocked up on 2 weeks worth of my meat purchases the following 2 weeks budgets will have a $20 limit.
5 lbs ground turkey @ $1.99/lb= $10
2 New York Strip steaks @ $2.99ea= $5.98
4 lbs Pork Ribs @ $0.99/lb =$3.99
12pk hamburger buns $1.00
1 lb strawberries $1.50
3 lbs Grapes @ $0.59/lb= $1.70
Sunny Delight $1.00
2 Butterball Turkey Bacon $1.29 used $1.00/1 coupon and paid $0.29ea
Toal $25.75 ($10 of the meat is technically from next weeks grocery budget)
Did you notice how the strawberries are almost gone and the juice is opened too? My little guy wouldn't wait for the pic to be taken.

Sugar $2.58
Dozen Eggs $1.29
1 pint blueberries $1.50
Hot Dog buns $0.89
Tuna $0.69
3 gallons of milk (not pictured) 2.51 each
Total = $14.48
Total spent for the week (not including the $10 worth of meat that is for next weeks groceries) $30.23

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