Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

We got our Christmas tree yesterday.  My husband reminds me every year how much cheaper and easier it would be to just buy a fake one but what is the fun in that?  There will come a time when our kids will no longer get joy out of going in the cold to cut down a tree and when that day comes we will invest in a nice fake one, until then, we are gonna suck it up and create some memories haha.

Grant insisted the whole way there that he needed to be the one to cut down the tree.
So Derrick let him help with some of it.  It was so cute, and he was very proud of himself.
Derrick never thinks to grab the camera when Grant and I are decorating the majority of the tree but I love having ones of him and Grant putting on his new ornament for this year, a Thomas the Train.
I love sitting back at night and just looking at the lights on the tree.  Add a Christmas movie and a cup of hot chocolate and the night can't get much better.
Let the Christmas season begin!

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