Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Christmas Tradition: The Christmas Eve Surprise Box

My sister told me about something she saw online called a Christmas Eve Surprise box where you put a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, and pajamas inside for the kids to open Christmas Eve.  I immediately fell in love with the idea and said "I have to do that".  We spend Christmas with my husband's family and I'm always trying to find ways to make it "ours".  We have almost no time of just Grant, Derrick, and I as a family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day which is sad to me.  I'm excited to spend time with Derrick's family but wish they lived closer so we could have a regular Christmas morning and day of it just being the 3 of us. 

I thought the Christmas Eve box would be great.  As a child we used to always open one gift on Christmas Eve, which was always pajamas, and I have tried to carry this tradition on with Grant.  When I looked online to see what other's were putting in their boxes so I could start making my list I mainly found this:
Christmas movie, Christmas book, pjs, hot chocolate, mugs, Christmas socks, and snacks for the movie. 

I love all those ideas and want to use them but I also want to put in a package of cookie mix for him to help me make to leave out for Santa, as well as reindeer food to put outside for the reindeer, and a Christmas pillowcase for him to sleep with. I want the items to be things we do before bedtime on Christmas Eve other than just watching the new movie. 

I found Home Alone on sale at Target on Black Friday for $4 and snatched it up as well as a pair of reindeer socks in their dollar section to go inside.  I also bought Grinch Christmas fabric a little over a month ago for the pj pants.  Grant loves the Grinch and actually picked the fabric out himself.  I think it's been long enough that he's actually forgotten I have it, which is what I wanted.  I didn't want this tradition to be a financial burden like some things can become this time of year so I searched all the sales and dollar stores for all the goodies to include.

For snacks I put in a bag of popcorn and movie size boxes of Derrick and I's favorite candy sweet tarts and junior mints, and bought a Grant's favorite snacks, goldfish crackers, which I realized after wrapping the box I forgot to put them inside, along with the Twas the Night Before Christmas book.

Here's everything I did remember to put inside:

I'm super excited about starting this tradition and hope Grant likes it too.

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