Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa Milk & Cookies Mug

There are a few Christmas posts I had planned to post before the big day but of course that didn't happen so I'm posting them all at once before the New Year.  I have wanted a special Santa cookie plate and mug for Grant to set out Christmas Eve since he was born, but of course he really wasn't old enough until this year.  I bought the white mug at Walmart because for whatever reason the Dollar Tree was out of plain white ones, it cost $1.25  I did find the white plate at the Dollar Tree.  I knew I wanted to decorate them really simple with my Cricut and vinyl I already had in my stash.

I loved how the mug turned out and was super excited to finish the plate but after babysitting, cleaning, finishing up last minute gifts, wrapping gifts, packing, etc I had no energy left to get my beloved cricut out and finish the plate.  So instead the cookies were set out on a Christmas napkin and of course Grant couldn't have cared less as long as they were out and ready for Santa.
I figure I can finish the cookie plate and pack it with all the Christmas decorations, and have it ready for next year.

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