Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Elf on Shelf Update

Every time I read a blog post about someone who has made something for their kids I always wonder how it went over.  Usually when we post things it's right when the new item is presented and of course kids love new things so most of the time it goes well but what about a week or so later? Do the kids still play with that doll you lovingly made? Or wear the shirt you stayed up all night sewing?

When I thought of starting the Elf on the Shelf tradition I had visions of Grant racing down the stairs to find his elf and trying to be on his best behavior because the elf would be watching.  I envisioned reading him the book I spent so much time creating and him being amazed by the magic of it all. 

Fast forward and we are over a week in and I will say Grant still has fun coming downstairs to find his elf, Eli.  He immediately starts looking around and tells Derrick all about where he found him that day.  One thing I could not get him to understand was the reasons for not touching Eli.  He could not grasp the idea that the elf had Christmas magic and if you touched him he would lose it.  This being said the first day when he woke up to find Eli on top of the armoire he immediately said, "I need him".  When I explained once again that we could not touch him he proceeded to cry and just kept repeating, "but I need him, I need my elf".  Of course I couldn't tell him no because after all this is supposed to be something fun for him, so every day when he wakes up and finds him he is allowed to carry him around and play with him.

I have also had to explain numerous times why his elf is not alive.  The first day he woke up and found Eli he was super excited to get him down and after his crying episode I could tell he was a little disappointed when he touched him and the elf was still a doll.  He immediately said, "why he not alive, mama?"  I have had to explain quite a few times why the elf is only alive when he's asleep and why he doesn't get to see him come alive.

Grant is only 3 and I think the typical Elf on the Shelf idea would work better for ages 4 and up.  I think Grant would have been able to understand more if he was a little older.  Maybe next year we will attempt to do the elf on the shelf we don't touch due to his Christmas magic.  As for this year, Grant will just have fun finding him every morning and playing with him until Santa comes to get him Christmas Eve.

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