Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grandparent Gift Idea-Dessert of the Month Club

I saw this idea for Dessert of the Month Club on Crafting Chicks when I did a random google search and thought it was such a cute Idea I would post about it.  The idea was actually from a guest blogger at 30 Handmade Days and she used this gift idea for teachers.  My little guy is still too young for school but when I read the post I immediately thought of grandparent gifts. 

We lived with my mom and stepdad for a year and a half after moving here from out of state and my mom has said many times over that she misses the sweets and treats I used to make.  Everything from cookies, cupcakes, granola bars, to muffins.  She loved getting to enjoy the treats without actually having to make them herself or clean up the mess after they were made.

I thought of the Dessert of the Month as a great Grandparent gift because I have a hard time with gift ideas sometimes.  It seems like most Grandparents have everything and I always end up figuring out a gift that involves pictures, which they always love but I like the idea of an alternative.  It's homemade, which is my favorite kind of gift, and lasts way past the holidays, which is always fun.  Kind of makes it Christmas all year:)

I think this gift would work for anyone on your list whether it's a teacher, friend, neighbor, Grandparent, sister, etc.  Think, if you have a brother/sister in college how much they would appreciate a dessert every month.  It's kind of difficult to bake in a dorm room or to even find the time to make treats when you're studying all the time.  If not for Christmas what about Mother's Day, Father's day or someone's birthday?  And one of the best parts about it is you can go as extravagant, like crème brulee, or simple, like chocolate chip cookies, as you want with the desserts.  It's also a great last minute gift idea because you could probably raid your pantry for ingredients to come up with a dessert on the fly and attach a cute card with ribbon and there you go, no need to spend hours at the crowded stores searching for the "perfect" gift.

If you're looking for more inspiration I also found another blog here, she included a little book which told what dessert she was bringing each month.  This way the recipient always knows what to expect.  I don't know that I could do this because I like to bake whatever strikes my fancy in the moment and I usually bake according to what fruits and things are on sale during the weeks leading up to my baking days.

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