Friday, December 6, 2013

Homemade Christmas Stockings

I have been wanting a set of Christmas stockings for a few years now, one for each member of our family.  I vowed, after last year, I would make some for this Christmas.

It took me awhile to decide on fabric.  I wanted something simple, that didn't scream "CHRISTMAS" or "SANTA".  I wanted them to go with the rest of the décor in my house which leans toward country.  I saw this snowflake flannel and knew it was perfect.  I decided to go with a tan flannel for the lining because all of my house is in maroons, navy, browns, tans, etc.  Plus I just hate white. 

I put the finishing touches on them a few nights ago and was so glad to get them hanging up.  One day I will have one of the those super cute stocking hangers but until then tacks worked just fine.

I downloaded the pattern for the stockings here.  I didn't actually follow the tutorial because I've made a stocking before but their are dozens of them out there you can find with a simple google search.  The only thing I didn't like about the ones I made, is for my own personal taste, I wanted them to be a bit wider at the top.  On the bright side I can't, and don't need, to fill them jam packed with stuff.

For the loop to hang them up I cut a strip of fabric 2 inches by 7 inches.  Stitched it right sides together down the long side.  Turned it right side out, folded the 2 ends under about an 1/8" to 1/4" and stitched it to finish the ends.
Then I attached it by hand sewing a red button on the side.
I also hand embroidered our names on the tops with red thread so they would stand out. 
I even made one for our little one on the way and just left the name off since we don't know the gender of the baby yet.  I knew if I waited until next year to make the stocking I would never get it done.
I'm really happy we all finally have matching stockings hanging up...And it only took me 3 years to do it.

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