Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Monthly Meal Plan

November went great with my first experience in once a month shopping and a monthly meal plan.  I absolutely loved knowing I had all the ingredients to make everything on my meal plan. not worrying if I needed to run to the store to pick up a last minute item.  The only hitch in my whole plan was an unexpected visit from my in-laws the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We decided to do an early Thanksgiving dinner with them since they would be returning home before the actual Thanksgiving day.  I hadn't planned for this meal and all it's fixin's so I had to do a much larger weekly shopping trip.

Now that it's December it's time for another month of meals.  Due to our Christmas plans and having so many family celebrations I figured up we would need 20 meals planned out for the month.  Because of how my husband's checks fall this month I wont be doing my large shopping trip until later and therefore I made a list of all the meals we didn't end up making during the month of November, but still have all the ingredients to make them, and added them to December.  This should get us through until my large trip.
Here's what this month has in store for us:

1.Potato Soup
2. Chicken fried rice
3. meatloaf with baked sweet potatoes and corn bread
4. breakfast: oatmeal with toast
5. leftovers
6. BBQ crockpot ribs with mashed potatoes and corn *bbq sauce recipe to follow*
7.Sausage bean soup (a leftover meal from the freezer)
8. pasta with turkey Bolognese sauce (leftover sauce from my freezer) and garlic breadsticks
9.breakfast: French toast with fruit
10. leftovers
11.grilled cheese with green beans and fruit
12. deer stew
13. black bean enchilada soup *recipe to follow*
14.Hamburgers with mac and cheese and corn
15. pasta with marinara sauce and garlic toast
16. meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes and biscuits
17.chickenless spaghetti with mushrooms, peppers, and onions (I'm creating this recipe by adapting this Pioneer Woman chicken spaghetti recipe)
18. breakfast: homemade waffles with fruit
19. leftovers
20. Ham with fried potatoes and green beans

I didn't label this month's meals with dates because of the craziness the month of December brings.  Between holiday get-togethers, visiting family, Christmas shopping, etc I didn't figure there was any need to date each meal.  As long as I know I have the ingredients to make each of the items listed I'll be good to go.

Black Bean Enchilada Soup:
1 can rotel
2 cans (3cups if you make homemade) cream of chicken
2 cans (3 cups if you have homemade or boullion cubes) chicken broth
1 can (1cup if you make homemade) enchilada sauce
1 can corn
3t cilantro (if I have this I add it but if I don't I just leave it out)
1/2 onion chopped
1 can diced tomato
1 can black beans

sauté onions and rotel , diced tomato, and corn.  Mix rest of ingredients in soup pot and heat through.

*this recipe is one I created based off a Chicken enchilada recipe my cousin gave me a few years back.  My husband has decided he doesn't care for chicken much anymore and when I made the chicken version he pretty much refused to eat leftovers.  This prompted me to make a chickenless version by adding beans and diced tomato.

BBQ sauce for ribs:
1c ketchup
2T+1 1/2t brown sugar
2T+ 1 1/2t cider vinegar
1T+ 1 1/2t Worcestershire sauce
1T brown mustard (I've used regular yellow with good results)
1/2t pepper

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