Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Homemade Pancake Syrup

My husband uses, what seems like, half a bottle of syrup every time he eats waffles or pancakes.  It drives me nuts because no more than I buy a bottle it seems like it's empty and back on the grocery list.  When I started once a month shopping the first of November I decided to buy one last bottle of store bought then follow the recipe for homemade pancake syrup I found here.  I love the Blissful and Domestic blog and I'm so happy she posted this recipe.

I've never thought about making pancake syrup before, I didn't know there were even recipes out there for it, and I have to admit I was skeptical.  I thought if it tasted that good and was super easy to make then why wasn't everyone making it and why hadn't I seen it on some episode on the Food Network.  Well I have no answers for why no one on Food Network is making it and none for  why the whole world hasn't gone homemade with their syrup, but I am now a homemade syrup maker.

This recipe really does taste like store bought syrup.  I think it might be a little thinner in consistency but I made waffles for my mother-in-law and husband and neither of them seemed to notice it being thinner.  They both commented on how delicious it tasted and that is a win for me. 

I love knowing I don't have to forgo eating my homemade waffles when the syrup runs out.  I love knowing I have all the ingredients to make more on a moments notice.  This is why I love things homemade from scratch. 

For convenience I used the old bottle of syrup we used up to store my homemade syrup in the fridge.  I used a small funnel so I wouldn't waste any dripping down the sides and now I only wish I had made a double batch!

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