Friday, December 20, 2013

Reindeer Food

I'm starting a new tradition this year, the Christmas Eve Surprise Box and reindeer food is one of the items going inside the box.

You can find tutorials or how-to's all over the internet.  I did mine a little different in that I didn't use any glitter (cuz I didn't have any) and made my own tag using picmonkey.
I used sugar I colored myself with food coloring and regular oats I had in my cabinet.

To color my sugar I put a couple spoonful's into 2 separate baggies and the oats in another baggie.

I used red and green gel food coloring but you can use regular if that's all you have.

It really only takes one drop from each of the food colorings in the baggie with the sugar.
Seal the baggies and move the sugar around with your fingers until the food coloring is distributed evenly.
Pour the sugars into the baggie with the oats and attach your tag.

I made this one in picmonkey using a poem I found online.  I saved it as a picture image, copied it into a Microsoft works word document and printed it onto white cardstock.
If you're wanting to use the same tag you can save this one as an image.
I know Grant is going to have fun sprinkling this all over the driveway for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

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