Friday, December 27, 2013

DIY Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter

I had been trying to prepare and remind Grant that his elf is going to be going "bye-bye" on Christmas Eve.  I have explained that Santa comes and leaves his gifts and takes his special elf back to the North Pole until next year.  He was excited hearing his elf would come back next Christmas season but not too fond of him leaving in the first place.

I put together a goodbye letter from Eli our Elf for Santa to leave for Grant.  He hasn't been one for listening to letters so far but then again he's only 3 and has an attention span of zero most days.  I put the letter with the empty milk and cookies mug and napkin.

I went back and forth on whether to make the letter from the elf or from Santa and opted to make ours from Santa this year since I knew I wouldn't have to create a letterhead or images for it like I would for one from the elf.

I used this Santa letterhead I downloaded and saved to my computer.  Here is the letter I typed up:

Dear Grant,

Your elf, Eli, has been reporting back to me at the North Pole each night since I left him in a special package under your tree. He has been telling me how good you have been. I hope you have had fun finding him each morning, I know he has had fun watching you and finding new places to hide.

Now that it is Christmas, Eli must come back to the North Pole and help me prepare for next year. Remember, your elf will come back to your house next year to watch over you once again, so do not be sad he has to leave now.

Be good and keep listening to your Mama and Daddy.

Merry Christmas, Grant.


It is now 2 days past Christmas and I'm still having to explain at least once a day why Eli the Elf had to leave us.  He wasn't as upset as I thought he might be, there were no tears just a sad face that almost made me want to get his little elf out of my computer case and forget the whole thing.  I think Grant actually did listen to the letter from Santa which I was surprised by since every other letter or note I've written he kind of ignores due to the excitement going on around him.  Of course I think his sadness of Eli leaving was alleviated a little by the gifts Santa left.

I'm excited for the elf to come back next year and maybe we can do the no touching rule and have him be a little more active and maybe even a little naughty from time to time.

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